Can you use human clippers on dogs
By - Joseph

Can you use human clippers on dogs?

Can you use human clippers on dogsA lot of pet owners are thinking it is possible to use the human clipper for dogs’ fur as it looks similar. Others might worry if it is safe to use human clipper on dogs, how different between clippers for dogs and for human.

All of your concerns will be clear after you finish ready carefully my page.

Dog’s & human hair

First, let take a quick look at the difference between a dog and human hair. As you can probably observe that the dog’s fur is much thicker and covered all his body, while a human hair is softer, lighter, thinner.

Especially, dog’s fur is various types in their body parts. Dogs usually have a layer of super thick hair closed to the skin for keeping them warm called undercoat and long outer fur. Keratin is the main thing to create both human & dog hair. However, human hair will not have the coating around hair protecting from temperature and water as a dog’s fur.

Dog clipper & human clippers

At first seeing, you might found it looks very similar but it comes with different features and designs for specific purposes. Thick dog’s fur requires the wider teeth blade with the heavy-duty motor. While most of the human clippers made of tailor for cutting human hair.

Using human clippers could not run continuously through thick fur. Now, we should go deeper into the comparison of the specific features to know if we could use human clippers for dog’s fur.

Motor power

The more powerful motor, the better clipper is. That thinking is right for human clipper but not for dog’s fur. Human clipper is made for human hair trimming with powerful and durable to trim hair instantly. Whereas, dog grooming clipper comes with a lighter motor for pet use only.

However, animals tend to get scared by vibration, that’s why clippers for a pet should be lighter motor and low noise. Dog grooming for the entire body, it takes much longer than human hairstyling, so the less aggressive motor in dog clipper will reduce getting heat even after 1 -2 hours using.


The human clipper does not offer too much high speed as the dog’s fur. While dog fur requires maximum up to 5000 stokes/minute since it is important to trim pet’s hair quickly. You also can lower the speed when working on the other delicate areas.


Human clipper is designed for styling thin and light human hair, it comes with the little gap between blade teeth. While the dog clipper has the blade featuring the wide gaps between teeth for trimming thick fur smoothly without stuck and preventing painful pulling.

Cut size

Human clipper always has the standard size blade for trimming hair 0.2mm to 0.008 inches from scalp to create the great finish, even it will not cause injury even the blade getting closed to our scalp. On the other hand, the pet clipper has to come with 10 blades leaving at least 1/16 inches hair from the pet’s scalp. It prevents pet’s kin and stops fur from caught up in the blade.

Clipper kits

Most of the human clippers offer combs less than 1 inch, it will bot make any problem for a small pet. Dog clipper accessories include the different sizes of combs from 1/16 to 2 inches.

Using purposes

The human clipper is designed for human hair with few layers or no layer. However, most of the pet has layers after the layered coat. The topcoat protects the undercoat. If your dog has a thick undercoat, let consider using a proper clipper.


It is a little disappointing to realize that we should not use the human clipper for dog fur because it is quite risky for your lovely dogs especially if your dog has the undercoat. Whether you expect groom pets frequently without discomfort, you should have a proper clipper for pets.

Here is my list of recommended dog clippers:

1. Andis UltraEdge super 2-speed detachable blade clipper

Andis Ultraedge comes with the bread resistant housing for durability. You can work at high speed with a super 2-speed function. Due to its quiet running and swift for easy controlling, it can deal with even the most sensitive dogs.

You can easily move around your pet with a long 14 feet cord. The auto-lock/switch off prevents an accident when trimming the dog’s fur. It is perfect for all breeds with durable polymer material. The detachable is easy for changing and cleaning.


  • Low noise
  • Long cable
  • Some extra blades
  • Various color options


  • The blade can get overheating

2. Wahl professional animal Acro pet dog

As you know, Wahl is famous for its unique 5 in one blade tech for maintaining the safe and cool temperature of your blade while running. It also has exceptional versatility. This cordless clipper can work up to 80 minutes and require 75 minutes of recharging.

This clipper is super lightweight, compact, and slim so you can hold it for even longer and reduce the wrist fatigue. You don’t need to maintain its motor frequently, but it still works well. These accessories include combs, brush, oil, charging tools, and storage case.


  • Being slim and lightweight for convenience
  • Unique 5 in 1 blade
  • Trimming hard to reach areas such as ears, paws, and faces
  • For small and medium-sized dogs, horses, cats
  • 12-month warranty


  • For US outlet onl

3. Oster Volt Cordless pet clippers with a detachable lithium-ion battery

Oster Volt cordless clippers are designed for grooming dogs, cats, horses, and livestock especially, for thick coat pets. With a single-speed and 400 SPM motor, it can work efficiently on the matted fur.

Besides, the rechargeable battery can ring up to 2 hours and swap out for more grooming sessions with the additional battery sold separately. Oster can stay cool for a long time thanks to its design of high torque and low blade speeds. This clipper is one of the best choices for grooming outdoor animals.


  • Cordless clipper
  • Long time battery
  • For the thick and matted coat
  • Cryogen X blade by high carbon steel
  • Reasonable price


  • A little noise from toll can scare pets

4. Siminiker professional low noise rechargeable cordless

Siminiker is exactly the perfect clipper for shy dogs. It provides heavy-duty cuts for also house and livestock. R-shaped edge can protect pets from getting injured by cutting pet’s skin. It also offers long term cutting with the combination of titanium blade and ceramic blade. Its titanium blade never gets rusty.

Siminiker is suggested for new users, with 3-6-9-12 mm guide comb choices and perfect trimming. Your shy dog will be calm along trimming time due to the nice motor with low vibration and ultra-quiet features. Simple design and efficient performance will attract you even for the very first time.


  • Good price
  • Low expanse for maintenance
  • Dealing with shy dogs
  • Perfect and completed package for clipping
  • Great work on long hair cat and dogs


  • Not for horse

5. Wahl Professional Animal KM10 2 speed brushless motor pet dog and horse clipper kit

This Wahl model is suggested for not only dogs but also body clipping for all animal coats such as cats, horses, etc. It comes with an extended motor and quiet operation for efficient performance. At 2 speed up to 3000-3700 strokes/ minutes and the constant speed provide more power and torque for trimming hard to reach areas.

It’s 5 in 1 blade made of high-quality steel for long-lasting. However, this option is for only experienced users, because it requires instruction before using. It comes with a long cord for easy to move around your dogs.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Being lightweight and compact
  • Powerful for any coat type
  • For various haircut length due to detachable blades
  • Being sturdy
  • 14-foot cord length


  • Not good customer service
  • Getting overheat when using a long time

6. Hoochye dog grooming clippers 

This clipper is especially for the tight budget pet owner. It is very quiet and safe for dog grooming. This cordless design is easy to use even for beginners. 5 hours of charging can use for 70 minutes. It comes with a limiting comb for safe trimming.

Its titanium blade and ceramic blade offer efficient and durable cutting. In case, your dog has long and thick fur, it is better to cut it shorter by scissors before using a clipper to trim. You should get the components such as scissors, comb, brush for perfect clipping.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy and cheap to maintain
  • Come with grooming tool for home use
  • Being lightweight


  • Not for a coat of horses


Through my page, surely, you know what you need to use for clipping for dog’s fur. Although human clipper and grooming clipper does not look different, it should not be used alternative for grooming dogs. Sometimes, human clippers can be used for a small puppy but with very much caution. Dog clippers might cost you extra money, but it is totally safe, or at least you don’t need to worry about hurting your best friend.


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