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Best cat feeder with timer

Cat feeders are a great innovation for ensuring your cat fed at the right time especially when you cannot feed them yourself. Find the best feeder with a good timer for your cat is an important and careful task. 

What is automatic feeder with timer?

If you are a newbie, you might wonder what is automatic feeder? It is a machine allowing you to feed your cat at the right regularly time and you don’t need to be there. With the cat feeder, you can control the amount of food and how often you feed your cats.

Now let get started by a list of recommended cat feeder with timer:

1. WOPET automatic pet feeder 

Wopet can plan up to 4 feedings per day by the programmable timer. It comes with an LCD screen, you can set up mealtime by few clicks. You can set up the portion size for each feeding or routine. Especially, the recorder also brings you the advantage of sending a message to your pet, make them excited to get the meal.

The container can hold up to 20 cups and it is removable for refilling and cleaning. The dispenser with the technology to avoid the food from sticking in the holes. The infrared induction help to prevent food overflow or clogging.


  • Dual power supply
  • Great program panel
  • The infrared detection technology
  • The message recorder
  • Easy to set up and use


  • The timer is not working perfectly after a long time using

2. Petsafe healthy pet simply feed the automatic cat and dog feeder 

Petsafe is a programmable feeder, you can set up 12 meals for a day. This feature might be useless for some pets, but in case your cat is sensitive this feature will be great. After fill-up the food container, just let the timed feeder do everything. You can see the amount of food because it is transparent.

We are able to customize easily athe portion size. This model comes with a slow feeder mode for releasing food in 15 minutes to prevent your cat from sickness caused by fast eating. Significantly, the dispenser time allows you to set the slow feed. This cat feeder can run by battery and electricity (corded version).


  • Slow feed option
  • Dispenser keeping food fresh
  • Easy to clean (made of BPA-free plastic components and stainless steel bowl)
  • Battery/corded model


  • Excluding cable
  • Should not wash by the dishwasher

3. Arf Pets automatic pet feeder food dispenser for dogs and cats

Arf feeder is famous for its large container for multiple cats. You can set the timer twice a day. The feeder has the cable but it also has an opening for batteries. That’s why you can use it as the battery cat dispenser.

Noticeably, when you put the food in the feeder, you will never need to worry if the food can get stale thanks to its locking lid. The lid comes with a magnet so pets could not break and steal the food inside. It is designed with a removable bowl that you can wash by the dishwasher. Especially, it allows you to leave a message for mealtime calling by the built-in recorder.


  • Being able to set 4 meal/day
  • Record voice message for mealtime call
  • Automatic dispenser
  • Blue light up LCD lock
  • Customizable cat feeder


  • For only dry food
  • Not for dishwasher

4. WOPET smart feeder, automatic dog & cat feeder

WOPET is not only a feeder, but you will also be amazed by its supper smart features of connecting you and your pet anywhere and anytime through the phone. This is a wifi cat feeder with the camera allowing you to talk and see your cats.

It comes with a timer, you can set timer and meal size before you leave your home. Or you can feed through the app connecting your phone and the feeder. Just make sure they fed close to the router. It is also designed with the recorder for calling your cat,


  • Wifi smart feeder with 720 camera
  • 3 sizes available
  • Dual power supply
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use


  • Need to be closed with the router


5. Petsafe smart feed automatic dog and cat feeder

Its construction and appearance make us crazy. It is too modern but simple. This feeder also makes use of Wifi to connect with your phone just by the right application. It is compatible with Apple & Android. Moreover, you can set up to 12 meals, the size of meals, and a slow feeding option.

The bowl is removable and able to ways by the dishwasher, so it seems to be convenient for cleaning. This feeder is friendly and safe for your cats because it made of stainless steel. You can use cord included in an st and batteries.


  • Customed meals and number of meals
  • Using the application to manage your dog
  • Flexible portions
  • Dishwasher safety


  • Can only work well on the stable wifi


6. Petsafe 5 meal automatic dog and cat feeder

If you are looking for the feeder for the wet food, you could not miss it. It allows you to set 5 meals for your pet. This feeder is highly suggested for cats because the meal sizes are too small for big breeds. It is for both dry and wet food that you can clean by the dishwasher easily.

The wet dispenser comes with an LCD screen allowing you to set the timer for 5 times/day. You can easily carry this cordless feeder around your house. The only disadvantage is that it is not automatic feeder food refrigerated, hence, you need to have to fill up every day. But it still can keep wet food nice and fresh for a long day.


  • For both dry and wet food
  • Can use the dishwasher and easily clean
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 5 meal set up
  • Small, compact and lightweight model


  • Need to installation often
  • The not refrigerated cat feeder


Main features of great cat feeder with timer


For the best feeder, the timer is the most important and basic features for considering. There are differences is in the timer setting. If your cat eats a specific time a day, then you can set the timer for an exact specific time. It means you should look for the model offering specific hours. If you are not sure how many time your cat eat a day, the timed cat dispenser is a perfect choice offering more variety and you can change the setting in the future.

Container Capacity 

If you are going on a trip for a long day, you might consider having a feeder holding a large amount of food but still keeping it safe, fresh, and clean. Then your cats will never get starving.


Portion size is the next important factor. It helps your cat lose weight. We sometimes ignore this feature but is great for ensuring your cat’s happiness and health.

Food category

If your pet needs to eat we food, you have to choose the feeder which can store and keep the wet food well.


Not only a big system but also the small cat feeder, security is important. Making sure the design, security, high-quality materials, looming system are secured.


Some feeders will not need the batteries. You might like to use long-lasting batteries.

Easily clean

It is easy to assembly the other part to clean and put it back.



Q: The cat feeder is good for cats

A: It is not for all cats, but still need to maintain regularly.

Q: Can the cat feeder serve many cats?

A: Some models of nice cat feeders can use for multiple pets. These models will transmit food through the tube and pour out. If the kibble is too big, it will be stuck, while the other feeder for multiple pets will come with adjustable parts for multi-purpose.

Q: what feeder is suitable for the cat eating fast?

A: you can find the feeder which dispenses kibbles. You can also choose a feeder that stops automatically if it realized that your cat chews too fast.

Q: How can I feed my overweight cats?

A: You can find the food feeder with automatic timer ensuring that your pet can eat on time and the exact amount. 3 times/ day feeder would be a nice choice. A feeder with small portions can help you a lot to lose your cat weight. You should choose the feeder with secure nozzle, your cat will have to do work out to get more kibbles before feeding time.



Finally, we hope that after reading our list of best cat feeder with timer and some information on how to choose the right one with several answers of questions, you can gain knowledge on electric cat feeders. Whether you think that we are missing out on any great products or information, please spend some minutes let us know in our comment section below. 

Thank you for reading and good luck!

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